MEDIATION Consulting -’s privileged position as an observer of the European technology markets, makes it possible for us to act as intermediaries in mergers and acquisitions that occur between countries, in either of the two directions, by facilitating the relations between the parts and simplifying the communication and understanding process.

Normally, linguistic difference is not the only obstacle to overcome. The European economic and monetary union has further simplified the relations between countries.

The result is a false image of a "common and universal culture" that doesn't take into account the important cultural and structural barriers between countries, thus frustrating a good number of merger and acquisition processes. provides the parts with the understanding of the differences and the communication required to successfully reach agreements and establish alliances.

Support for new establishments This service is designed for companies that settle in other countries by creating an organization from scratch. Support for new establishments facilitates this introduction by solving all sorts of normal and/or extraordinary problems that derive from first-time establishment:

• Analysis of the business plan, adapting it to the country's context.

• Support in defining the business and sales Project.

• Constituting the company.

• Solving the specific legal problems of the country deriving from the new establishment.

• Direct executive search.

• Physical installation.

• Relocation of the transferred personnel.

International Alliances The excellent relations our consultants have with the European business sector offer our Customers a wide spectrum of collaborations and corporate alliances International Alliances offers support services to identify the appropriate partners, thus saving the time and effort required to adequately focus the companies with which to establish agreements, and avoiding the difficulties deriving from the linguistic and cultural differences.

These services are articulated on the following points:

• Definition, jointly with the Customer, of the ideal target partner profile.

• Search, preselection and preliminary approach of potential partners.

• Presentation of selected partners.

• Coaching and support throughout the negotiations.

• Monitoring of the application of the agreements during the first 6 months.

Mergers and Acquisitions Support for companies that are interested in being participated by international firms that bring capital, business, technology or other values. Mergers and Acquisitions The solid professional experience of our collaborators who have personally experienced a great number of merger processes makes it possible for us to act as mediators in these operations, and to consider all aspects of the process from different points of view.

In order to ensure maximum transparency, our fees are paid by only one of the parties. has therefore chosen to work for the seller, who it helps, exclusively, and whose interests it defends before the buyers, who are selected through a systematic process.

• Preparation of the Company before putting it on sale.

• Preparation of the information memorandum according to objective criteria.

• Writing up of the economic memorandum according to international standards.

• Training in the sales process.

• Help in evaluating the Company.

• Search for international firms with an interest in acquiring total or partial participation.

• Help in the buyer selection process.

• Accompaniment during the negotiation stage.