Governance Consulting

Although governance is a traditional term, the concept is not very familiar.

Governance is the Art or manner of governing, and whose objective is a durable economic, social and institutional development, giving rise to a healthy equilibrium between the State, civil society and the economy market.

In our opinion, governance is intimately linked to talent management and the survival of the company, its durable growth, regardless of the economic cycles of prosperity and recession.

We have therefore included our strategic consulting and talent management services within this chapter.

Management Assistance

    • Management knowledge transfer
    • Periodic meetings with the management team to design, learn about, evaluate and measure the objectives of change
    • Ongoing support in strategic decision-taking.
    • Personal coach.
    • Ideal in the succession processes of family businesses and in the transformation of young entrepreneurs into businessmen.

Business audit dossier

Complete review of the business model, the business plan, and the weaknesses and strengths of the current model

An internal audit of the model and the business plan is required as a preliminary step, prior to a SWOT analysis or a strategic and tactical review of the organization.

This type of audit is only possible with the practical knowledge acquired through the experience of our consultants in business management. This knowledge cannot be studied in any master’s program or in any university.

Management Selection

The «good decisions» are always taken by «good people».

You need good wicker to weave good baskets. Our intervention, based on a blend of knowledge and intuition, along with solid methodology and documentation, helps and simplifies the Director and Executive Selection process.

Our search process is always exclusive and personalized and is supported by our network of privileged contacts.