Management and Organization Consultants is a company specialized in Business Management Consulting, with a multisectoral and transnational approach.

Very involved, due to the experience of its founder Hermenegildo Morell, in the European information engineering sector, it has a deep knowledge of the business reality and an exceptional network of international relations.

With a pragmatic vision, forged by experience “on the ground”, serves Spanish professionals and companies in their effort to compete in a global world in which diversification is the differential factor and good practice is a competitive necessity.

The key to success is to make available to its clients the same tools and knowledge that its international competitors use, adding highly differentiating values: professional honesty, experience and commitment.

Oriented to small and medium-sized companies and professional Spanish offices, the general experts of accompany their clients to follow the path followed by pioneering companies that start from a project and try to define their own business model, avoiding them falling in the mistakes that others made until learning to hit. identifies and assumes those services that can be outsourced that make management less efficient, reducing operating costs.

At the same time, it helps its clients to define and establish alliances, identifying potential interested parties in contributing values, knowledge and means to the business project.