Financial Consulting’s Financial Consulting Department offers you the knowledge and skills of expert financial consultants that have exercised their professional careers as Controllers and Managers in Financial and Accounting Departments of international firms.

Your company will have access to the same management and monitoring means and tools as its major competitors, at a cost that is affordable for its size and proportional to its results.

The range of services includes organizational consulting, professional services, and operations outsourcing.

The Financial Consulting area of is a member of the Spanish Professional Association of Public and Tax Accountants (Asociación Profesional de Expertos Contables y Tributarios de España (AECE)).

Administrative Management Outsourcing

This service is designed for companies that want to focus on their main business while decreasing their structural costs by relying upon a reliable global provider.

It is very advisable during times of changes, and reorganizations or start of activity. assumes all its customers’ administrative, accounting, legal and labor related tasks, guaranteeing that the service will be performed within the required time frame, and above and beyond any minimum levels and calendars, taking into consideration any penalizations and discounts.

Internal Audit Dossier

Complete Company reviews, with the same scenario and depth as an official Audit.

We provide this practice to companies that are not familiar with it or do not have the necessary resources.

This pre-audit exercise makes it possible to identify and correct the deficiencies that have been observed, to train the organization, to structure the information and improve future responses.’s pre-audits simultaneously apply criteria from different countries, which make them very useful before sales negotiations (due-diligence) or official international group audits.

Preparation of management dashboard

Required for the good management of high value-added companies, the management charts, which are customized by our consultants according to our Customer’s exact needs, detail the items that are key to his business.

International Reporting

Regular business monitoring.

Preparation of the Monitoring, Reporting and Consolidation tasks of the Subsidiaries of international companies, according to the directives established by their headquarters.

Organization of professional offices

Highly qualified professionals are usually organized in offices with high added value, with technologies and knowledge specific to their profession.

Depending on whether the firm groups one or more professionals, the formula used can be very variable, from a Community of Assets, independent self-employed, professional, or civil societies.

This high level of knowledge “in their own” usually contrasts with an administrative, accounting, fiscal and labour organization that could be greatly improved.

At we are experts in transforming the organization of the firm, getting involved in change management and in the results obtained.

Optimization of notarial offices

A very particular case of a professional firm is the notarial office, which uses standardized systems and procedures, commonly used and mandatory for all notaries.

Its status as a public official as well as an independent professional, together with a remuneration system based on fixed fees, obliges the notary to pay maximum attention to the organization and management details of his office.

The application of double-entry accounting, the efficient management of collections or the implementation of control systems can considerably increase profitability, without neglecting customer loyalty in a market that cannot compete on price: streamline relationship procedures with customers can be an important competitive and differentiating factor.

At we have professionals capable of facing change and improving results. In addition, the products of our Saas Legal department designed to improve the relationship of notaries with their clients make this work easier for us.

Valuation and Expertise

All our Company’s consultants are requested in many different types of expert reports, normally international in scope.

Valuation of the Companies and the technological intangibles.

Required to adapt the immaterial assets of IT Companies to IAS standards:

Licenses, On-going work, Internal Developments, etc.

Administration of Associations and NGO’s

Non-profit associations are normally focused on meeting their social objectives and do not have trained resources in their administration. which is not easily outsourced due to its specific features and the large number of applicable regulations.

This usually translates into fiscal and financial inefficiency. financial analysts are experts in the management and administration of this type of entity, whose tax and accounting particularities require true specialists in the field in order to comply with all legal provisions, maximizing tax savings.