Our Services

A lo largo de los años, los consultores de MorellConsultor.es han desarrollado una buena práctica, fruto de la aplicación de sus habilidades personales a las dificultades que han afrontado en su evolución profesional.

Throughout the years, MorellConsultor.es consultants have developed a good experience, which is the result of applying their personal skills to the difficulties they have encountered throughout their professional development.

This combination of personal skills/professional difficulties, tinged by their everyday work as managers, is the basis of our services offer:

    • merger and acquisition processes consulting, striving to establish a synergy between the parts,
    • improvement of sales and management skills,
    • production and organization change management,
    • analysis, control and financial reports,
    • solutions for People Management, Motivation, Company Culture and Professional Development,
    • direct executive search.

These services are grouped into 3 Consulting lines:

MEDIATION Consulting

Spain is very attractive to the European investors in New Information and Communication Technologies because of its strong consolidated growth, its political stability, and the rich business structure of its SMBs.

Additionally, Spanish businessmen who wish to open their companies to investors providing them with added value other than economical added value, find in MorellConsultor.es a strategic partner in the search for new shareholders in international markets.

MorellConsultor.es experience, when acting as an intermediary in the process, makes it possible to highlight the value of your company by choosing the best criteria, facilitating communication, and selecting from among the previously contacted interested parties.

FINANCIAL Consulting

MorellConsultor.es Financial Consulting Department offers you the knowledge and skills of expert financial consultants that have exercised professional careers as Controllers and Managers in Financial and Accounting Departments of international technology firms.

Through our involvement, your company will have access to the same management and monitoring means and tools as its major competitors, at a cost that is affordable for its size and proportional to its results.

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) measurement criteria that we apply in our work stipulate that a part of our fees is proportional to the increase in results that is obtained through our intervention.


«The devil is in the details».

In the modern companies, which have the best and better prepared professionals, it is difficult to hide the defects from their intelligence and power of observation. The Company must be prepared to respond to the expectations of its top managers, executives, and collaborators.

The best procedures and methods must be made available.

There is generally not enough TIME to design and test them. It is necessary to be operational and efficient right from the very first day and without interruption.

MorellConsultor.es provides the experience required to rapidly design the business procedures and good practice standards that are adapted to the company’s needs.

Director and Executive Selection

We help you get the best management team by identifying the candidates through a direct and exclusive search.